Pathfinder 2e one-sit Little Trouble in Big Absalom

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Little Trouble in Big Absalom

For generations, the Hookclaw kobolds have lived beneath the city known as Absalom, scratching out a hardscrabble existence by scavenging from the earthpacked ruins of ancient, buried buildings. In all that time, the Hookclaws have never been conquered or wiped out by more powerful forces, which makes them truly prestigious by kobold standards. Unfortunately, this prestige has never resulted in wealth or comfort. For as long as the Hookclaws have existed, they have lived in relative austerity among meager warrens and have simmered with envy at more famous and well-off kobold clans such as the renowned Sewer Dragons.

Yet the smell of change is in the air. Just recently, a party of Hookclaw miners accidentally broke into an underground room that was stuffed full of treasures and luxuries, most of them in far better condition than the time-rotted relics that the Hookclaws typically own. Firm advocates of looking gift horses in the mouth, however, the Hookclaws have rounded up their greatest heroes, most eager volunteers, and most violent misanthropes to explore the mysterious area. Once the chamber has been secured and deemed safe, the Hookclaws can cart off the treasure and live the opulent lives they have long deserved!

GM: Džiugas
Max players: 5
Good for new players!



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